Episode 8: A Journey of Ascension and Unity Consciousness with Sandra Walter

In this episode of the Mystical Living Podcast, host Katie Sol is joined by Sandra Walter, an Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper who has been a pure & open conduit, or channel, since 1999. Sandra serves as an Interdimensional Liaison, guiding and supporting awakened individuals on their Ascension journey. Through her writings, videos, and creative works, she inspires the exploration and evolution of human consciousness, focusing on bridging the multidimensional realms and fostering peace, self-realization, and a deep understanding of the Ascension process.

Throughout the episode, they discuss Sandra's personal journey of immersing herself in nature, which allowed her to connect with higher realms and unlock her inner radiance. They also explore the power of gathering in person and virtually to create a unified field of consciousness, and the upcoming topics of the Crystalline Convergence, including the ascension of water, the role of star energies, and finding one's unique heart tone. 

The episode also emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals and co-creating temple spaces to reflect each other's light and experience true selves. Overall, it encourages listeners to embrace their desires and self-imposed limitations in order to expand and grow.

Episode 7: Living in Flow: Embracing Seasons and Transitions as a Parent and Dreamer with Susanna Sharpe

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, it's easy to lose sight of our true desires and passions. But what if we could step into a world of magic and limitless possibilities?

In this episode, listeners are taken on a fascinating journey from New Zealand to Massachusetts. Susanna Sharpe, a talented entrepreneur and designer, shares the story of how she and her husband embarked on this life-altering transition. She also discussed the passion that drives her creative pursuits and how she and her husband found a harmonious partnership in their professional endeavors. Listen in as she navigates transitions in life, especially when preparing for different seasons and moves as a family can indeed feel like a magical yet challenging journey. 

Tune in to gain insights and inspiration on consciously creating a magical life.

Episode 6: Reimagining Your Home to Enhance Your Life: Key Takeaways from Michelle Spoelstra

In this episode of the Mystical Living podcast, we are joined by Michelle Spoelstra, a psychologist and expert in creating mystical spaces. Michelle shares her unique journey of combining psychology with decor and design to assist individuals in creating homes that truly reflect their authentic selves. She explores the significance of intention, decluttering, and purposeful item selection in cultivating a mystical home. 

Additionally, Michelle addresses the impact of the pandemic on our relationship with our living spaces and how it has forced us to be more present in our homes. Tune in to gain insights on how to create a mystical home and navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

Episode 5: Finding Joy in the Present: Tapping Into Your Heart Space with Kara McKee

In today’s episode, we are joined by Kara McKee, a woman of extraordinary energy, who epitomizes the pursuit of passion. Swapping her corporate career in finance for songwriting, Kara's brave voyage encapsulates the spirit of personal reinvention. Her enchanting journey, from singing in church choirs at an early age to dazzling the world on The Voice's stage, is nothing short of inspirational. Now a rising star in the folk Americana scene, Kara's soulful songs radiate the joy of reconnecting with one's true passion.

Episode 4: Manifestation and Masterminds with Jax Brennan

Tune in to this captivating episode where we engage in a conversation with Jaclynn (Jax) Brennan, the visionary behind Fyli, a mastermind group dedicated to female founders. Together, we delve into the realm of entrepreneurship and personal development. Throughout the episode, we explore the profound impact of failure, the significance of community, and the art of manifesting one's dreams. Jax graciously shares her inspiring path from the fashion industry to venturing into tech entrepreneurship, emphasizing how failures have been instrumental in shaping her ultimate triumph.

Episode 3: From Molecular Biologist to Priestess: Self-Discovery with Asha D. Ramakrishna

Feeling stuck in life, having uncertainties of your true purpose? Join us in this episode of the Mystical Living Podcast as Katie Sol interviews Asha D. Ramakrishna, a molecular biologist turned ceremonialist, Human Design expert, and author. Asha shares her journey of realizing her dharma as a priestess and the essentials of taking responsibility for our lives. She focuses on the power of books in personal growth and the need of tapping into our collective power as aspects of creation. This is one episode full of wisdom and inspiration, gently reminding us that we are divine beings, with the gifts and abilities to deal with our problems from a place of personal responsibility and grace.

Episode 2: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom: Catherine Lindroth's Journey to Living Her Purpose

Join us as we explore the transformative journey of Catherine Lindroth, a changemaker who found her true purpose and liberated herself from societal conditioning. Encouraging young adults to break free from the constraints of societal expectations, Catherine helps them redefine their realities and unlock their innate passions. Her innovative ChangeMaker’s Institute, based in Costa Rica, serves as a platform for students to claim their sovereignty and chart their paths towards living a purposeful life. Catherine's tireless dedication to empowering young people has made her an influential figure in the area of individual growth and mindful living.

Episode 1: Mindfulness and Nature: The Secret to Business Success with Laura Sprinkle

In this episode, get to know Laura Sprinkle, a dedicated entrepreneur with a penchant for connecting with the great outdoors. Laura's innovative approach to personal and professional growth involves forging meaningful connections between her own pursuits and the beauty of the natural world. As a result, she has successfully helped other entrepreneurs find their purpose and achieve sustainable business growth. Through her genuine passion for nature, Laura's warm-hearted approach has helped countless entrepreneurs adopt a more mindful and balanced approach to success which is both fulfilling and sustainable.