Episode 30: Releasing Comparison & Channelling Your Superpowers with Lyrik Fryer

This week on Mystical Living, I’m joined by brand strategist and business owner Lyrik Fryer. Lyrik is the co-founder of

WorkPlay Branding, a done-for-you system that revolutionizes the way you create content for your business online. In this conversation, we explore the power of channeling, the impact of small intentions, and how to enjoy the building phases of our lives.

Episode 29: How to Embrace a Spiritual Awakening with Kareem Manuel

Welcome back to Mystical Living! Today I’m joined by serial entrepreneur Kareem Manuel. In his journey, Kareem has been a pastor, a rapper, and an apparel designer. He is now the founder of We. Society Apparel, a social enterprise he started with only $250 and an iPhone.

Episode 28: Our Mess Is Our Magic — Intuitive Wellness with Katie Beecher

Today we have two Katies on the Mystical Living podcast, because I’m honored to be joined by licensed professional counselor and a medical and spiritual intuitive, Katie Beecher.

Episode 27: How to Surrender (Even When It’s Really Hard) with Courtney Meyers

Welcome back to Mystical Living. Today I’m joined by award-winning writer, mother and podcast host, Courtney Meyers. Courtney is an Emmy Nominated writer & producer with 18+ years working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She is a published ghostwriter, authoring her debut novel, and host of the breakout podcast Intentional Living with Courtney Meyers.

Episode 26: The Net Won’t Appear Until You Leap with Amber Lilyestrom

Welcome to Mystical Living, dear souls. In this episode, I’m joined by branding strategist, business mentor, author and keynote speaker, Amber Lilyestrom. Amber helps visionary entrepreneurs and CEOs align their purpose with their profit and position themselves as sought-after experts and thought leaders in the most authentic way possible.

Episode 25: Why Your Vision Board Won’t Work with Sarah Tacy

Welcome back to Mystical Living! In this episode, I’m joined by my friend and kundalini business coach Brianna Rose.

Brianna is the CEO of the Light Leader Collective, and today she’s here to share her journey with Kundalini and to teach us how to find alignment in our careers, relationships, and lives.

Episode 24: How to Release Fear & Leap Into Alignment with Brianna Rose

Welcome back to Mystical Living! In this episode, I’m joined by my friend and kundalini business coach Brianna Rose.

Brianna is the CEO of the Light Leader Collective, and today she’s here to share her journey with Kundalini and to teach us how to find alignment in our careers, relationships, and lives.

Episode 23: Why You Can’t Force Manifestation with Philip Attar

Welcome to season two of Mystical Living! Today I’m joined by somatic practitioner and spiritual teacher, Philip Attar.

Philip recently launched the Academy of Living Intelligence with his wife Amanda Lee. In this conversation, Philips guides us into our heart center, and then we discuss stories of and practices for living in your truth.

Episode 17: Making Empowered Decisions During Life Transitions with Victoriya Scovel

In this episode of the Mystical Living Podcast, we introduce Victoriya Scovel - a business advisor, wellness coach, tarot reader, and licensed hypnotherapist. Dedicated to helping individuals navigate major life transitions, Victoriya uses her depth of knowledge and diverse skill set to aid decision-making and bring clarity amidst confusion. With a keen interest in supporting women entrepreneurs and founders, she strives to uplift and empower individuals through their personal and professional journeys.

Join us as we delve into Victoriya's captivating journey, where the past merges with the present, and the unexpected twists of fate await.

Episode 16: Letting Go of Negativity and Embracing the Wonders with Anissa Roberts

In this episode of the Mystical Living Podcast, Katie Sol is joined by her friend, Anissa Roberts, to explore Anissa's journey from a corporate career to launching her own venture focused on tarot and symbolism. They discuss the significance of harmonizing both the rational and symbolic facets of the mind and how tarot can serve as a potent instrument for self-exploration and addressing challenges. Anissa also reveals her forthcoming endeavor of developing an innovative online platform for selecting tarot decks based on their symbolism. Moreover, Anissa shares her recent experience in a rage room, describing it as a powerful practice for releasing suppressed emotions. 

Don't miss this enlightening and motivational discussion about embracing a mystical way of life.

Episode 15: Exploring Enchantment and Embracing Genuine Identity with Elle Molchan

In this Mystical Living Podcast, Katie Sol interviews Elle Molchan, a former Fortune 100 executive now leading a nomadic lifestyle. Elle specializes in Integrated Marketing, Communications, and Brand Strategy, with a successful history collaborating with renowned global luxury brands, established lifestyle firms, and startups like Versace, Hourglass Cosmetics (Unilever subsidiary), Baume & Mercier, Patek Philippe, Victoria Beckham, and Armani Beauty.

Elle excels at turning visions into impactful campaigns, repositioning and managing brands, and leading creative and strategic development. She thrives in uncharted territory, turning challenges into opportunities and excels in community-building and leadership.

Elle shares her transformative journey from corporate life to nomadic adventures, highlighting the significance of intuition, authenticity, and faith in one's path. She explores the role of magic in her life and provides practical tools for navigating uncertainty with grounding.

Tune in to this inspiring dialogue to gain insights on consciously crafting a mystical life and embracing your inner magic.

Episode 14: Embracing Peace and Using Your Gifts with Jeanne Street

In this episode, Katie Sol warmly introduces Jeanne Street, a God-Based Medium and Channel of the Profound. Through her remarkable mediumship gift, Jeanne brings forth boundless love and bestows upon her clients the precious offering of unconditional love. Her life's journey has made her a vessel for divine communication.

Guided by unwavering love and a deep connection, Jeanne's sessions offer precise and intricate insights. She helps people navigate challenges, heal, and connect with departed loved ones and celestial beings. This connection is available through private, small group, and large events. Jeanne's influence extends to her books, artwork, lifestyle products, accessories, and abundant resources on her website.

Jeannie shares her journey of discovering unique gifts and aiding others. She emphasizes creating space for talents, delves into spiritual consciousness stages, and offers insights on nurturing relationships and seeking her guidance. The episode concludes with a powerful message on peace and receiving. Don't miss this transformative dialogue.

Episode 13: We Should All Shine Together: Sustainability and Slow Fashion with Carla Wahnon

Step into the enchanting realm of the Mystical Living Podcast, where we're excited to introduce a truly remarkable guest: the multi-passionate and creative entrepreneur, Carla Wahnon. Carla’s presence on the show promises to be a remarkable encounter, where her artistic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit converge to illuminate the conversation. Get ready to be immersed in the world of Carla's enthusiasm and innovation, as we delve into her unique insights and entrepreneurial journey.

Join us for an episode that transcends the ordinary and opens the door to a realm where creativity knows no bounds.

Episode 12: From Stress to Success: Overcoming Burnout for Financial Prosperity with Kate Northrup

In this episode of the Mystical Living Podcast, we have Kate Northrup, an inspiring entrepreneur whose journey is all about unraveling the threads of stress, burnout, and financial pressure. Known for her infectious joy and vibrant demeanor, she's unmasked the misconception that relentless grinding is the key to financial success. On the contrary, she's an advocate for how doing less, not more, can unlock unexpected abundance. And she shares openly about the challenges she’s faced along the way.

Episode 11: The Soul of a Priestess: Navigating the Fertile Void and Connecting to Your Core Self with Melinda Scime

Welcome to another episode of the Mystical Living Podcast. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Melinda Scime, a truly inspiring individual, who has recently bid adieu to a 14-year-long career as a trauma-informed psychologist to embrace her journey as a sacred feminine priestess. Known for her innate ability to connect, Melinda is also an accomplished author with two books under her belt. As a dedicated wife and mother of two, her empathetic outlook and humble understanding of life's complexities truly make her relatable to all.

Listen in as Melinda shares about the way she’s navigated numerous transformations in her life, making her the embodiment of resilience and adaptability.

Episode 10: Art as a Path to the Heart: Creating a Life of Magic and Possibilities with Ekaterina Popova

Welcome to a captivating episode of the Mystical Living Podcast, where we are thrilled to have the talented artist and creative entrepreneur, Ekaterina Popova, as our guest. Kat takes us on an inspiring journey through her life as an artist and her endeavors as a creative entrepreneur. Additionally, she delves into her coaching work, empowering female founders, creators, and artists.

Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of art and creativity. This episode promises to be an uplifting and transformative experience for all art enthusiasts and aspiring creators.

Episode 9: Realize Your True Purpose: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Kim Reed

Are you longing to discover your real purpose and live a meaningful life? Are you in search of understanding yourself deeper and knowing your place in the world? Let’s listen to what Kim Reed has to say on these things. Kim is the co-owner of Purple Rose Home, a store that offers vintage home decor with modern farmhouse charm, from furniture, lighting, bedding, accessories and gifts.

Kim opens the path to recognizing your true self and discovering your ultimate calling. Together, we will navigate the journey of self-discovery and purposeful living, heading towards a heartfelt sense of fulfillment and in real alignment with the purpose of your soul.

Episode 8: A Journey of Ascension and Unity Consciousness with Sandra Walter

In this episode of the Mystical Living Podcast, host Katie Sol is joined by Sandra Walter, an Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper who has been a pure & open conduit, or channel, since 1999. Sandra serves as an Interdimensional Liaison, guiding and supporting awakened individuals on their Ascension journey. Through her writings, videos, and creative works, she inspires the exploration and evolution of human consciousness, focusing on bridging the multidimensional realms and fostering peace, self-realization, and a deep understanding of the Ascension process.

Throughout the episode, they discuss Sandra's personal journey of immersing herself in nature, which allowed her to connect with higher realms and unlock her inner radiance. They also explore the power of gathering in person and virtually to create a unified field of consciousness, and the upcoming topics of the Crystalline Convergence, including the ascension of water, the role of star energies, and finding one's unique heart tone. 

The episode also emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals and co-creating temple spaces to reflect each other's light and experience true selves. Overall, it encourages listeners to embrace their desires and self-imposed limitations in order to expand and grow.

Episode 7: Living in Flow: Embracing Seasons and Transitions as a Parent and Dreamer with Susanna Sharpe

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, it's easy to lose sight of our true desires and passions. But what if we could step into a world of magic and limitless possibilities?

In this episode, listeners are taken on a fascinating journey from New Zealand to Massachusetts. Susanna Sharpe, a talented entrepreneur and designer, shares the story of how she and her husband embarked on this life-altering transition. She also discussed the passion that drives her creative pursuits and how she and her husband found a harmonious partnership in their professional endeavors. Listen in as she navigates transitions in life, especially when preparing for different seasons and moves as a family can indeed feel like a magical yet challenging journey. 

Tune in to gain insights and inspiration on consciously creating a magical life.

Episode 6: Reimagining Your Home to Enhance Your Life: Key Takeaways from Michelle Spoelstra

In this episode of the Mystical Living podcast, we are joined by Michelle Spoelstra, a psychologist and expert in creating mystical spaces. Michelle shares her unique journey of combining psychology with decor and design to assist individuals in creating homes that truly reflect their authentic selves. She explores the significance of intention, decluttering, and purposeful item selection in cultivating a mystical home. 

Additionally, Michelle addresses the impact of the pandemic on our relationship with our living spaces and how it has forced us to be more present in our homes. Tune in to gain insights on how to create a mystical home and navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

Episode 5: Finding Joy in the Present: Tapping Into Your Heart Space with Kara McKee

In today’s episode, we are joined by Kara McKee, a woman of extraordinary energy, who epitomizes the pursuit of passion. Swapping her corporate career in finance for songwriting, Kara's brave voyage encapsulates the spirit of personal reinvention. Her enchanting journey, from singing in church choirs at an early age to dazzling the world on The Voice's stage, is nothing short of inspirational. Now a rising star in the folk Americana scene, Kara's soulful songs radiate the joy of reconnecting with one's true passion.

Episode 4: Manifestation and Masterminds with Jax Brennan

Tune in to this captivating episode where we engage in a conversation with Jaclynn (Jax) Brennan, the visionary behind Fyli, a mastermind group dedicated to female founders. Together, we delve into the realm of entrepreneurship and personal development. Throughout the episode, we explore the profound impact of failure, the significance of community, and the art of manifesting one's dreams. Jax graciously shares her inspiring path from the fashion industry to venturing into tech entrepreneurship, emphasizing how failures have been instrumental in shaping her ultimate triumph.

Episode 3: From Molecular Biologist to Priestess: Self-Discovery with Asha D. Ramakrishna

Feeling stuck in life, having uncertainties of your true purpose? Join us in this episode of the Mystical Living Podcast as Katie Sol interviews Asha D. Ramakrishna, a molecular biologist turned ceremonialist, Human Design expert, and author. Asha shares her journey of realizing her dharma as a priestess and the essentials of taking responsibility for our lives. She focuses on the power of books in personal growth and the need of tapping into our collective power as aspects of creation. This is one episode full of wisdom and inspiration, gently reminding us that we are divine beings, with the gifts and abilities to deal with our problems from a place of personal responsibility and grace.

Episode 2: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom: Catherine Lindroth's Journey to Living Her Purpose

Join us as we explore the transformative journey of Catherine Lindroth, a changemaker who found her true purpose and liberated herself from societal conditioning. Encouraging young adults to break free from the constraints of societal expectations, Catherine helps them redefine their realities and unlock their innate passions. Her innovative ChangeMaker’s Institute, based in Costa Rica, serves as a platform for students to claim their sovereignty and chart their paths towards living a purposeful life. Catherine's tireless dedication to empowering young people has made her an influential figure in the area of individual growth and mindful living.

Episode 1: Mindfulness and Nature: The Secret to Business Success with Laura Sprinkle

In this episode, get to know Laura Sprinkle, a dedicated entrepreneur with a penchant for connecting with the great outdoors. Laura's innovative approach to personal and professional growth involves forging meaningful connections between her own pursuits and the beauty of the natural world. As a result, she has successfully helped other entrepreneurs find their purpose and achieve sustainable business growth. Through her genuine passion for nature, Laura's warm-hearted approach has helped countless entrepreneurs adopt a more mindful and balanced approach to success which is both fulfilling and sustainable.